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The 2019 12 Metre World Championship fleet will span the years 1928 -1987 and sail on Rhode Island Sound, the site of nine America's Cup competitions from 1958-1983. www.12mrworlds.com

● Winners will be determined in five divisions: Grand Prix, Modern, Traditional, Vintage and 12 Metre Spirit.

● Teams are scheduled to sail a total of nine races (over five racing days)

● The fleet includes Italian Patricio Bertelli's US-12 Nyala, which is the defending 12 Metre World Champion, and four yachts that have successfully defended the America's Cup: Columbia (US-16, 1958), Intrepid (US-22, 1967 & 1970), Courageous (US-26, 1974 & 1977) and Freedom (US-30, 1980).

● While the Grand Prix, Modern and Traditional divisions are comprised of 12 Metres primarily built for Cup competition, the Vintage division folds in entries that were built prior to the America's Cup 12 Metre era, when 12 Metres held a place in Olympic history. Among them is Nyala (US-12), the defending 12 Metre World Champion owned by Italy's Patrizio Bertelli, who happens to be CEO of the Prada fashion group and primary backer of the Challenger of Record (Luna Rossa) for the 36th America's Cup.

● Among other notable sailing personalities competing will be Newporter Ken Read, a nine-time world champion in various classes and a veteran skipper of multiple Volvo Ocean Race and America's Cup campaigns, as tactician aboard Challenge XII (KA-10) in the Modern Division; Brazil's Torben Grael, one of history's most successful Olympic sailors with five medals, as skipper of Kookaburra II (KA-12) in the Grand Prix Division; and Jesper Bank, an America's Cup veteran who also has won three Olympic Medals, as tactician aboard Legacy (KZ-5, formerly Laura), also in the Grand Prix Division.

● The 112 year-old International 12 Metre Class encompasses a living history of racing yacht design by the world's foremost naval architects including Olin Stephens, Clinton Crane, William Fife III, Philip Rhodes, Johan Anker, Ben Lexcen and more who pushed their designs to the very limits of innovation. The resulting boats represented the pinnacle of yacht development from 1907-1987 for the highest levels of international sailing competition-- the Olympic Games (1908-1920) and the America's Cup (1958-1987). www.12mrclass.com

A full list of entrants is here: https://12mrworlds.com/2019-competitors/

Where Your Audience Can View
From July 8-13, most of the fleet will be docked at Fort Adams (Sail Newport's "Volvo docks"), so that the public can see the 12 Metres up close and interact with crews after racing. That will be around 4:00 p.m. each day except Thursday when it will be earlier, due to only one race scheduled.
At 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, July 13, fans can cheer on their favorite teams during the International 12 Metre Parade, which will pass by every wharf on the east side of Newport Harbor (e.g., Bannister's and Bowen's) before the teams head out for their final race of the series.

The 12 Metres can be seen coming and going to the race course from Fort Adams, Castle Hill, Beavertail, and, with binoculars, Brenton Point.

Monday, July 8
1200-1730: Registration at Ida Lewis Yacht Club
1730: Owners/Skippers Meeting at Ida Lewis YC

Tuesday, July 9
0900: Dock-Out (approx.)
1100: First Warning Signal
1600: Fleet Returning to Docks (approx.)
1830: Welcome Reception at Gurney's Newport

by invitation only

Wednesday, July 10
0900: Dock-Out (approx.)
1100: First Warning Signal
1600: Fleet Returning to Docks (approx.)
1630: Nordic Night Post-Racing Social

Thursday, July 11
0900: Dock-Out (approx.)
1100: First Warning Signal
1400: Fleet Returning to Docks (approx.)
1500: Post-Racing Social, adjacent to 12mR docks, Sail Newport*
1830: 12 Metre Yacht Club Dinner Dance at Marble House*
by invitation only **ticketed event

Friday, July 12
0900: Dock-Out (approx.)
1100: First Warning Signal
1600: Fleet Returning to Docks (approx..)
1630: Post-Racing Social, adjacent to 12mR docks, Sail Newport*
*by invitation only

Saturday, July 13
0900: Dock-Out (approx.)
1000: Salute to 12 Metres Parade, Newport Harbor
1200: First Warning Signal
1500: Fleet Returning to Docks (approx.)
1700: Awards Ceremony at Restoration Hall, IYRS*
*by invitation only


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